KC Star Announcement 2013

Published by the KC Star 1.24.14

Kearney MO- January 2014. 2013 proved to be a year where “The American Dream” is still alive and well in the heartland of America. For one stay at home mom, hard work, determination, and a willingness to try something improbable, proved dreams still can come true. “ Many think that being a stay at home mom limits your ability to take on new adventures, I feel completely the opposite”, Says Lori Conway, a Kearny Missouri resident. Lori and her husband Quintin Conway were recently awarded by ItWorks Global as their #7 earner for the year 2013, along with welcoming the couple into the Millionaire Club. It was quite exciting to be honored” says Quintin, now retired from his banking job due to the couple’s success with ItWorks. “Being a top earner and making the Millionaire Club is definitely an exciting dream come true”, he says. The Millionaire Club- is an award given to Distributors of ItWorks Global who have earned over one million dollars in income! Founded in 2001, It Works! Global is a direct selling company that offers professional quality beauty and wellness products that both reflect high standards of integrity and reach consumers at affordable prices. In 2013, It Works! Global was ranked on Inc. magazine’s prestigious Inc. 500 list at No. 436 with 1,047% growth over the past three years and as one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in its category.

Lori says, “I started this business because I saw an amazing product in the body wrap, and I wanted to make a couple hundred dollars a month. I just wanted some “mom” money to get my hair and nails done. That is really all that drove me to try this business. I never dreamed 2.5 years later we would have been blessed in such a powerful way to have accomplished so many things. I mean I really started this with four kids, out of my home, wrapping people who responded to me on Facebook. The rest took off from there. I brought my husband, my best friend, home to work with me! Who does that at 35? This past year has been a dream, we have done some amazing financial things. We became debt free, I retired my husband from a six figure job, we have taken trips all over the world, we have had awesome family vacations, we bought our dream home, and I made more money than I ever thought possible in a lifetime….in one year!!! ” Lori and Quintin both attended William Jewell College and have been part of the Northland community for 15 years. They now have the privilege of working together at home with their 4 kids. “This crazy wrap business has helped me change every aspect of my life, and I did it all from the chair in my living room! How fun is that!”

To learn more about Lori Conway and her Journey:

Lori Conway

816.820.8304 www.lconway.com Skinnywrapdivakc@gmail.com facebook.com/loriwillisconwayTop Earners

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