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KC Star Announcement 2013

Published by the KC Star 1.24.14 Kearney MO- January 2014. 2013 proved to be a year where “The American Dream” is still alive and well in the heartland of America. For one stay at home mom, hard work, determination, and a willingness to try something improbable, proved dreams still can come true. “ Many think

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Is Perception Reality?

Perception is an interesting thing. Many say perception is reality. I say 💚 REAL 💚is reality. Perception is what comes from inside others. We cannot control the hearts, emotions and minds others, and therefore, can never have control over the perception of others. We can only control our own heart and actions. Let your purpose

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How You Can Have It All!

Sounds too good to be true, right? I mean, no one can have it all. But let’s just say, in your life right now, you have decisions to make. You have a daughter in gymnastics from 4-6pm and they are under 7 years of age and 30 minutes away your son is under 9 years

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How To Make Money With A Niche Blog

You hear about making money blogging all the time. Generally the first question that arises is, well what do I write about? This is where a niche comes in. If you are pretty new to the online world, the best way to start out is to blog about something you are interested in. You hear

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Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Why? Because it works! It turns, it moves…simply work on perfecting it. In 1955, a gentlemen named Ray Kroc discovered a small hamburger restaurant in California. He saw machines doing most of the work. Taking all the guessing out of running a business. So he took that and created the first franchise. Can you guess

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Best Way To Drive Income Into Your Business

As entrepreneurs, we don’t have someone standing over us telling us what to do. That can be a good and a bad thing. Sometimes hours, days even weeks can slip by us without doing a single thing if we aren’t intentional about our business. I did a Periscope video on how I prepare for my

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The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!

How many times have you heard that one? Do you follow up? When promoting a business, a lot of owners might tell someone about it, maybe give them a website or ask them to look something over and then follow up once…if that. Then you may “not want to bother them,” because you figure they

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How To Shorten A URL

Why do we want to shorten a URL? In the wonderful world of social media, we want our posts, pins, tweets, to be short and to the point. So if you have a URL that that looks like this… Well, that’s just not very appealing to click. Soo we use Google’s URL shortener to make

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Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

If you’re in network marketing and lets say your products are in the health and diet category. Who is your ideal customer? I mean, we all need to be healthy and a lot of us need to diet a little bit. So who is it? EVERYONE RIGHT?!? Well…that’s not quite accurate.   When promoting your

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