Please help us get to know you better by completing the questions below and
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2. In the home-based business industry, many entrepreneurs struggle for months before really getting results. Others are willing to do what the majority aren’t and THAT’S who gets rewarded the freedom we have. Please share with us what it is that has made you decide to want to partner with us? What is your situation?

3. Are you currently a stay at home mom? Have you tried to work from home before?

4. One of our biggest frustrations in business is partnering with someone who isn’t truly willing to do what it takes. We want to help you make your dreams come true by coaching and mentoring you with the proven track we took. How can you help us know that by selecting you, we know that you will follow through?

5. Every legitimate business takes an initial investment. How much start up capital do you have to invest if you are chosen?





6. One of the really great things we enjoy about being millionaires is the ability to give back. Once you become a top earner, where do you plan on giving back? Could be to a passion of yours, or to start an organization yourself.

7. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to indulge in personal development. What books, audios or live events have you immersed in the last 5 years to help you grow?

8. IMPORTANT! Our assistant will be contacting you within the next 24 hours… Is there anything else we should know about you when making a decision on this partnership?

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