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  • KC Star Announcement 2013

    Published by the KC Star 1.24.14 Kearney MO- January 2014. 2013 proved to be a year where “The American Dream” is still alive and well in the heartland of America. For one stay at home mom, hard work, determination, and a willingness to try something improbable, proved dreams still can come true. “ Many think

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  • Perspective is Important

    It was just one of those crazy days for me that turned into a massive God moment. This is possibly the most real and relevant experience I have had with the Holy Spirit in my adult life. I am honored to be use, humbled by the experience and excited to share ~Quintin [wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”1411853272″ connections=”show”

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  • Get rid of DRAMA!

    Nothing more HEAVY than strained relationships. DRAMA. FRICTION. STRIFE It weighs on your mind and soul every day. It brings you down Get rid of the BAGGAGE. “But she’s always gossiping about me” “But he’s an ass and you’ll never believe what he did..” BS. If you have BEEF or DRAMA with another human being,

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  • The power of influence

    We ALL underestimate the power of influence. If you want to change, it starts with the company you keep. At work, at play, online, at home. You BECOME your circle. God warned us for a reason. Bad company corrupts good character. Good company reinforces good character. Ultimately, you will become like those you roll with.

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  • Remember your past and be grateful for where you came from!

    Okay so you are reading my tears right now, so heads up… I had a rather emotional moment this AM I must be transparent about. Early this AM I went online to craigslist the help a friend find something, while I was there, I happen to log in to my old account. Don’t know why,

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